New chocolate hiding place needed

I can’t believe it. Elsa has discovered we hide sweets and chocolates in the oven. I am not happy that she was going in the oven but as she pointed out we have not used the electric oven in over 2 years when we had the family round for Christmas. (We use the gas oven in case you were wondering).

That girl has some sort of choc-dar. I left some chocolate bars in the telephone table in the hallway one night as the girls were going to bed. The next morning when I looked there was only 1 left as the greedy guts had eaten 3 bars the night before!

Someone suggested we stopped bringing chocolate into the house but that is not practical. I have a sweet tooth you see.  We are just going to have to think of somewhere a little bit more inventive…

“All I want is peace, love, understanding, and a chocolate bar bigger than my head.”


Birds and Bees

I was walking home from school with Anna and Elsa last week and it seems that nearly every one of their school mates have a pregnant mom right now. I was making small talk with them about this when the dreaded question came up: “How do babies get into their moms’ bellies?”

Now I was asked a couple of months ago by both girls, separately, how do babies get out of their moms’ bellies? I replied honestly of course. “They just do – it’s magic”.

Now on this occasion, my first answer of “I don’t know” didn’t really wash with Elsa. She is 7 going on 17 so she knew that obviously wasn’t true. I then went on to explain that when mommies and daddies get married, then babies come. But she wasn’t satisfied with this either. I said I closed my eyes and prayed really hard for a baby and then one came into my tummy!

She still looked a bit confused, so I said that she would find out when she was nearly an adult as it was adult stuff and then I changed the subject really quickly and hoped she would just wait patiently until she becomes an adult before asking any more questions on this subject…

“A person soon learns how little they know when a child begins to ask questions.”

Big ears

OMG. My little Elsa is sooo nosy. She listens in to every conversation I have (in person and over the phone). Even if I go in another room, she’s always listening.

I was so excited when she learnt to read and she has a real passion for books. I feel less excited when she looks over my shoulder and reads my texts.

I’ve always had passwords on my phone, number PINS that are quick and easy to unlock. Until I realised they were quicker and easy for her to learn and use!

I was so grateful that my new phone had fingerprint recognition. She was NOT expecting that!

Anyway, you know the way you sometimes use codes when talking about people (i.e. slagging them off) and you don’t want the kids to understand. I think it’s time to take it to the next level and just develop a whole new language that kids can’t interpret.

That will be my next project and I will take it to Alan Sugar or the Dragons for some investment and publicity. That is, if Miss Big Ears doesn’t find out and tell the whole world about it first…

Chocolate hiding place

I am so proud of myself. I’ve managed to find a place to hide chocolates that the kids haven’t discovered yet.

My 2 girls are like sniffer dogs when there is a hint of sweets, chocolate, biscuits, basically anything sweet anywhere in the house. They have discovered every single hiding place I have ever had. Until now.

We recently came across some little chocolates that they liked (individually wrapped in foil) and we bought a couple of packets. When we got home, I thought it would be nice for once if they lasted for more than a day.

I was about to pull a mug out of the cupboard to make myself a cup of tea when I had the brilliant idea to hide them in the mug. They don’t ever touch the mugs – they have their own kids ones to drink out of.

It’s now been 2 weeks and they are still there. I do give them one each occasionally but the best part is they know they are hidden and they have no idea where.

I do have another spot I sometimes use that they don’t know about – the oven – it’s good for larger treats.

So, in the battle of kids versus chocolate, on this occasion it’s Mom 1.Kids 0.

Is this a dream?

My little Anna is a bit of a princess. She likes to have her uniform laid out for her for school. She needs help with her buttons, putting on her tie, and sometimes she just wants me to completely dress her (lazy).

Also she is not really a morning person. She has to be dragged out of bed most days. She also likes to come and get into bed with me but recently I’ve been sending her back. It’s starting to get a bit of a squeeze especially when Elsa comes too and I’m always stuck in the middle.

Last night she had tried a couple of times to get into my bed and I sent her back. She was having bad dreams about spiders apparently. Unfortunately I was too tired to be sympathetic on this occasion.

So, you can imagine my shock, when she turned up at my bedside at 1.30am, completely dressed in her school uniform. I honestly thought it was some sort of dream. She had got her clothes out of the wardrobe herself, got her tights out of her drawer and was ready to go.

In my sleepy daze, I told her to get back to bed (she shares with her sister) quietly. Obviously I had to  promise her chocolate in the morning if she went quietly and didn’t disturb me again.

I thought that there would be no way she would get up in the morning. Although, she could have had a little lie in as she was already dressed, but would you believe it, she was up at 7am!

Hopefully this is just a crazy one off incident – had she brushed her teeth as well though, I would really have been worried.