Big ears

OMG. My little Elsa is sooo nosy. She listens in to every conversation I have (in person and over the phone). Even if I go in another room, she’s always listening.

I was so excited when she learnt to read and she has a real passion for books. I feel less excited when she looks over my shoulder and reads my texts.

I’ve always had passwords on my phone, number PINS that are quick and easy to unlock. Until I realised they were quicker and easy for her to learn and use!

I was so grateful that my new phone had fingerprint recognition. She was NOT expecting that!

Anyway, you know the way you sometimes use codes when talking about people (i.e. slagging them off) and you don’t want the kids to understand. I think it’s time to take it to the next level and just develop a whole new language that kids can’t interpret.

That will be my next project and I will take it to Alan Sugar or the Dragons for some investment and publicity. That is, if Miss Big Ears doesn’t find out and tell the whole world about it first…


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