Is this a dream?

My little Anna is a bit of a princess. She likes to have her uniform laid out for her for school. She needs help with her buttons, putting on her tie, and sometimes she just wants me to completely dress her (lazy).

Also she is not really a morning person. She has to be dragged out of bed most days. She also likes to come and get into bed with me but recently I’ve been sending her back. It’s starting to get a bit of a squeeze especially when Elsa comes too and I’m always stuck in the middle.

Last night she had tried a couple of times to get into my bed and I sent her back. She was having bad dreams about spiders apparently. Unfortunately I was too tired to be sympathetic on this occasion.

So, you can imagine my shock, when she turned up at my bedside at 1.30am, completely dressed in her school uniform. I honestly thought it was some sort of dream. She had got her clothes out of the wardrobe herself, got her tights out of her drawer and was ready to go.

In my sleepy daze, I told her to get back to bed (she shares with her sister) quietly. Obviously I had to  promise her chocolate in the morning if she went quietly and didn’t disturb me again.

I thought that there would be no way she would get up in the morning. Although, she could have had a little lie in as she was already dressed, but would you believe it, she was up at 7am!

Hopefully this is just a crazy one off incident – had she brushed her teeth as well though, I would really have been worried.



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