Birds and Bees

I was walking home from school with Anna and Elsa last week and it seems that nearly every one of their school mates have a pregnant mom right now. I was making small talk with them about this when the dreaded question came up: “How do babies get into their moms’ bellies?”

Now I was asked a couple of months ago by both girls, separately, how do babies get out of their moms’ bellies? I replied honestly of course. “They just do – it’s magic”.

Now on this occasion, my first answer of “I don’t know” didn’t really wash with Elsa. She is 7 going on 17 so she knew that obviously wasn’t true. I then went on to explain that when mommies and daddies get married, then babies come. But she wasn’t satisfied with this either. I said I closed my eyes and prayed really hard for a baby and then one came into my tummy!

She still looked a bit confused, so I said that she would find out when she was nearly an adult as it was adult stuff and then I changed the subject really quickly and hoped she would just wait patiently until she becomes an adult before asking any more questions on this subject…

“A person soon learns how little they know when a child begins to ask questions.”


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