New chocolate hiding place needed

I can’t believe it. Elsa has discovered we hide sweets and chocolates in the oven. I am not happy that she was going in the oven but as she pointed out we have not used the electric oven in over 2 years when we had the family round for Christmas. (We use the gas oven in case you were wondering).

That girl has some sort of choc-dar. I left some chocolate bars in the telephone table in the hallway one night as the girls were going to bed. The next morning when I looked there was only 1 left as the greedy guts had eaten 3 bars the night before!

Someone suggested we stopped bringing chocolate into the house but that is not practical. I have a sweet tooth you see.  We are just going to have to think of somewhere a little bit more inventive…

“All I want is peace, love, understanding, and a chocolate bar bigger than my head.”


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