Zebra Hair

Unfortunately I am of the age when the darks of my hair are turning lighter.  I do not believe in the age old myth that pulling white hairs out means more will come in their place. I believe if you pull them out, they will be gone!

Well this morning Elsa was lying in my bed next to me and suddenly cried out, “Mom, you’ve got a zebra hair!” I winced and asked her to pull it out but she claimed she had made a mistake and it had gone.

Now I am afraid the back of my head looks like a zebra crossing. Thank goodness for the cold weather – perfect excuse to wear my hat morning, noon and night.


Caring about my sister

Last night Elsa was downstairs messing around when she should have been getting into bed. When she finally got upstairs, I asked her what she had been doing. She replied that she had been reading a letter from school about an online reading club. I told her that that letter was not intended for her but was addressed to parents and carers so she had no place reading it. She answered that she cared about Anna so she was entitled to read it. Fair point – I couldn’t argue with that one.

“There is no better friend than a sister.”