I swear not…

This is something I did not think I would have to deal with yet. Remember Elsa is 7 and Anna is 4. It is not something I thought I would have to deal with from Anna first either as she is the youngest.

The issue is swearing. Seriously, at these ages, it is unbelievable. Last week Elsa came running upstairs saying “Mom, Anna is swearing, Anna is swearing. She is in the conservatory repeating “effing” hell!” Anna came upstairs and carried on swearing with a big smile on her face.

(NB they were pronouncing the “F” word as if it rhymed with rocking).

I explained to her that such language was unacceptable and it was adult language so until she became an adult, she was not allowed to use it. I asked her where she had heard it and she said from her dad. Conveniently he was away on a trip at the time but I had great pleasure messaging him to let him know what bad habits our kids were picking up from him.

When he got home and confronted Anna, she denied everything of course and I haven’t heard about her using any more bad language but I dread to thing what she’s saying in the playground!

When the kids were babies, we agreed on a word to use instead of swearing so that they didn’t pick up any bad language. This worked really well for years. When we needed to express ourselves, we used the word “moo”. As in “what the moo” and “for moos sake” and my own favourite, “oh my moo!” Overtime the “moo” talk has fallen by the wayside and the real swear words do slip out occasionally. I think now is the time to re-introduce “moo” back into the family vocabulary and encourage Anna to use the phrase “mooing hell” when she needs to blow off some steam! Hopefully she will take this on board and save me some embarrassment at the next parents’ evening!





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