“Mom, I can’t find my shoes…”

I will be the first to admit I am not at my best in the morning. So to combat this I have been trying to get organised the night before. On Sunday night I had put out the school uniform all ironed, made the sandwiches and made sure the school bags were packed and ready to go.

I was really proud of myself and was looking forward to an easy morning with everthing running smoothly. And to my joy, everything did run pretty well. Until it came time to leave the house.

To my surprise Anna couldn’t find her school shoes. She had not worn them since school on Friday and had not moved them anywhere. So where could they be?

Well like any mother who has a full time job, I wasn’t going to waste any time finding out so I told her to wear her trainers to school and face the wrath of her teacher. Having ransacked the house that night, we still couldn’t find them.

So off she went to school in her trainers for a second day. That day at school though she suddenly remembered that her school shoes were in her sports bag at school where she had left them after gym class last week!

I’m just SMH – shaking my head. Left to right, left to right with a little eye roll at the end for good measure.


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