“OK, google…”


I heard Anna talking to someone the other day. I knew she was in the other room by herself so I thought she must be at that imaginary friend stage. I snuck over to the room and peered through a crack in the door to try and have a listen in to this secret conversation.

To my surprise, she was talking to her friend google on the tablet. She was asking for what you would find most 4 year olds searching the net for: “Topsy and Tim”. (I imagine it would be the most trending topic for under 5s if such information was available.)

Listening to her, I felt proud of my little girl having such beautiful manners. She always ended her google search request with a please. If only she knew, how little this mattered.

A few days later, I heard shouting and it sounded like some sort of confrontation was taking place. I went running to investigate and found that the relationship was over. Anna’s polite requests had been replaced by the very definite: “I hate you google!”

Knowing how many episodes of “Topsy and Tim”exist on Youtube, I feel this breakup will be very short-lived.


Happy Birthday?

I had to share this story as it really made my day. Little Anna is only 4 and her birthday is in August. I always say to her your birthday is when the summer comes and it’s really hot. Well, we have had 3 days of sunshine now so she obviously thought the time had come.

She came home from school today and told me that she told her teacher it had been her birthday yesterday and the whole class sang happy birthday to her!

She then followed that up by saying she was aged 90 – the same as the Queen. She had nearly got away with it…