“OK, google…”


I heard Anna talking to someone the other day. I knew she was in the other room by herself so I thought she must be at that imaginary friend stage. I snuck over to the room and peered through a crack in the door to try and have a listen in to this secret conversation.

To my surprise, she was talking to her friend google on the tablet. She was asking for what you would find most 4 year olds searching the net for: “Topsy and Tim”. (I imagine it would be the most trending topic for under 5s if such information was available.)

Listening to her, I felt proud of my little girl having such beautiful manners. She always ended her google search request with a please. If only she knew, how little this mattered.

A few days later, I heard shouting and it sounded like some sort of confrontation was taking place. I went running to investigate and found that the relationship was over. Anna’s polite requests had been replaced by the very definite: “I hate you google!”

Knowing how many episodes of “Topsy and Tim”exist on Youtube, I feel this breakup will be very short-lived.


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